Participation in WST Swim team requires a parent for each family to volunteer at four meets during the summer plus quals and championships, if applicable.   We will be utilizing an online tool, sign-up genius again this year, to facilitate the volunteer process.  Active participation from parents is essential to smooth running meets.  Thank you in advance for your participation!

Swim Volunteer Registration

Dive Volunteer Registration

A sampling of roles you can volunteer for are listed below.   Start thinking about how you can help us run the meets this year.

  • Floaters - Perform needed tasks where shorthanded.
  • Stroke and Turn Judges - Requires special one hour training class prior to doing this job.
  • Computer Person - Enter race results into the computer during the meet.  Requires minimal computer knowledge 
  • Ribbon Person - Put labels on the winning ribbons for the team during the meet.
  • Place Judge - Stand at the end of the pool where the swimmer finishes.
  • Runner - Takes the finish cards with the swimmers times up to the computer person.
  • Timer - Sit at a chair at the end of the lane and times the swimmer with a stop watch.  There are two per lane in the event of technical issue.
  • Age Group Person - Works with a specific age group of swimmers and gets them to the and from the events and keeps the children together.
  • Concession Stand - (Home meets only)
  • Equipment Set-up - Must be able to lift the sound equipment. (Home meets only)
  • Clean-up - Older swimmers help out - primarily supervising. (Home meets only)

Committee or Coordinator Positions

  • Social Committee - two positions
  • Volunteer Coordinator - two positions
  • Sponsorship Coordinator - two positions
  • Concessions Committee - two positions
  • LSA Representative - one position
  • Starter/Announcer - one position
  • Stroke and Turn Judges - at least four positions

All swim team parents/guardians will be expected to volunteer at four of the five regular season meets this summer, though parents/guardians who volunteer for a committee or coordinator position will get credit for two of the four requirements.